Tourism infrastructure

Our base in the heart of the French Alps has uniquely positioned Comag to be the reference-level experts in the construction and installation of ski resort ropeway transport systems. Over the decades, we have used this expertise and experience to adapt the technology and find innovative solutions ‘away from the snow’ at other unique tourism destinations. Our specialist teams can help maintain ropeway installations for tourism in any environment, at any altitude, anywhere on the planet. In addition to traditional chairlifts and cable cars, our experience allows us to perfectly maintain and build infrastructure for amusement parks; rollercoasters, toboggans, and aquatic equipment.

From the mega-resorts of Paradiski and legendary Three Valleys, the Turu-Bari park in Costa Rica, the Oasiria Parc in Marrakech, to the most famous French amusement parks, our technicians and experts are always there for our clients.

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